The second most consumed drink in the world besides bringing us joy for its aroma and flavor has amazing benefits for us, and here, we will give you 5 benefits that nobody mentions:

Improve your short-term memory

The regular consumption of this delicious drink can improve the neuronal connection of our hippocampus, related to memory. This shows that, if we take a good dose of caffeine at 7 o’clock in the morning, we will be much better able to store new information until midday. Caffeine fights cognitive deterioration, according to this study carried out by the University of Eastern Finland. That is why it is considered a natural element highly recommended to fight Alzheimer’s disease.

Natural antidepressant

Coffee acts by regulating our stress to prevent it from turning into depression, as stated in this study conducted by the University of Navarra (Spain). It blocks dopamine receptors, that neurotransmitter related to anxiety and stress. In case this neurotransmitter is overexcited, we run the risk of suffering a depressive state. It is convenient to know that decaffeinated coffee will not have the same effects. It is enough to drink a cup a day (about 100 ml) to perceive a noticeable improvement.

Improve physical condition

Just as caffeine can stimulate cognitive functions, it also has the capacity to intervene in the nervous system, making fatigue take longer to appear, which allows for better performance during physical exercise. This is the reason why some sports drinks contain caffeine.

Regulates high blood levels

Coffee, like other types of infusions, can regulate blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. These benefits can be enjoyed as long as coffee is drunk without milk and sugar.

Protects vital organs, heart and liver

Coffee helps to take care of liver health by preventing and delaying the development of diseases such as cirrhosis and fatty liver. Likewise, it has been demonstrated that coffee does not increase blood pressure when consumed daily since the body gets used to it and the effect dissipates. In addition, regular coffee consumption decreases the risk of suffering a cerebrovascular accident.